Performance Testing with JMeter Remote


My scenario:

- Installed jasper reports server 6.5.1

- Oracle DB query saves data to temp table

- Report-PDF is generated on remote server


My goal: Test performance with Jmeter

I have read "Performance Testing with Jmeter" yet I do not understand how to use the tool in my scenario. It seems this tutorial is for a completely different scenario than what I have setup.

Maybe someone can shed some light.


For example, it is unclear to me:

- Why do I need to create a "Test Plan" on the Jmeter GUI?

- If the only way to test the performance (-bottlenecks) of my configuration then how do I create a test plan that analyses a simple report being generated on my linux server?

- It is not explained why one must create a test plan or what this does on above page, same goes for "thread group" and "configure the "JMeter Proxy".



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