Not able To generate Dynamic Sub Report using JRBean

My Requirement is as follows :

- I have main report where in summary section I have added one sub report.

- To that sub report i have passed JRBean and in that sub report there is only detail section Because I have one report design which should be printed multiple times as seperate pages with different details.

- In sub report detail section I have one another sub report. To which I have passed the list as JRBean to print the details on that report.

- Now on that sub report if  i try to print detail I am getting 3 page generated but all have same details of first object. So if i try to get an object like this $P{multiStopList}.get($V{PAGE_NUMBER}) than I am getting whole object but how can I get details from that object like shipTo, ShipFrom, stopNumber values from a particular object ?

- Also I am not getting proper page number values as it starts from 1 on that sub report instead of 2.

- Can any one suggest here what to do or any solution ? 

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