connect two databases to make a single report

Hi, I'm new to jaspersoft but I'd like to know if you can help me with a little something.
I would like to make a report from two different databases that have a common parameter and that parameter has to be passed for the two queries of those two databases.

thank you.

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2 Answers:

You didn't mention any details about your report but if you can separate section of your report so that each section uses only one database, you can just have sub-reports each with it's own datasource.

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Agee with what hozawa indicated. 
You could aswell use a dataset, thus adding an additional dataset. 
Also other elements can be used that could use different datasource than the main report. 
Table element; crosstab element and charts can be assign individual datasources. 

Best would be to use subreport and passover data from main report slq to subreport if you need to combine the first sql query data (main report) with 2nd query sql data (subreport.) 

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