Responsiveness in Dashboard - Need inputs on how responsiveness of jasper dashboards can be improved?

We created a sample dashboard using two reports in jasper server. Embedded the same dashboard in web application using 2 methods -

  1. Iframe
  2. visualize.js


When we tested these dashboards for responsiveness in different screen sizes like laptop, tablet and mobile, the responsiveness is limited. The panels / charts do resize, but the usablity / readability at low screen sizes is impacted, data is not visible. Posting some screen shots for the same.


  1. IFrame embeddding

Laptop Screen


Iframe - Laptop Size

Lower Screensize

Iframe - Mobile Screen

2. Visualize JS embedding


Laptop Screen -

Visualize - Laptop Screen


Lower screen size


Opened the same dashboard in mobile view. Panels are compressed and data is not visible, there is lot of space at the bottom, Right side should come at the bottom then it looks nice and data will be visible to the users.

Visualize - Mobile Screen




  1. Can we improve the responsiveness of these dashboards ?
  2. Is there a way the panels re-arrange and do not just re-size ?
  3. Can we inject some CSS like bootstrap or any other java-script to do that?
  4. Are there any improvements expected in newer jasper versions ?
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