How can I create a Chart in a list basic element?

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I am searching the internet for a long time now, but I couldn't find an example for what I need.

I will try to explain:

I have the following datastructure:

class B{

  private int count;

  private String category;  


class A{

  private String name

  private List<B> categoryCount


And I have a list of A objects.

The goal is to create a report which is actully a list (from the List<A>), where each element in the list displays it's name and a bar chart. The bar chart is composed from the List<B> attribute.

I have tryed to use List Element, and Sub Reports, but in either case, i don't know how to pass the list of lists from the mail report to the list/sub report.

Any help will be highly appricieated.


H Guy



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