Make Form type presentation with multiple values



I need to create a tab-like presentation with several values related to an ID. 

I need to create a slide for each ID and to be automatically

That is, if I have 3 IDs, 3 slides are generated with the information related to each ID, if I have 4 IDs, 4 slides are generated with the values of each ID.

Is it possible?


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1 Answer:


You going to need to make use of some creative thinking. 
Not sure if you get the actual menu tab expectation. 
But you could generate the id on the firt page and then add subreports that would generate a given info sheet by irerating the id to the subreport. 
Then you can add Anchors, Bookmarks to the id, so when users clicks on it, it will jump to the section with info of given id and then just ensure there an Anchors, Bookmarks on each id info sheet back to main page. 

Or Add Hyperlinks to each id that would open seperate pop up page for each id. 
So when doing this you would have 1 report that will be displaying the id's only. Then you would have another report which would be ID info sheet. 
So both reports would be deployed to server, so when user select id on 1st report, then hyperlink would pop up the id info sheet and pass over the given id number a parameters to ensure your datasource return correct data for reports.  

Might be other ways, but this is off the top of my head. 
Jasper also allows to code in javascript, so you could play around with that aswell, see if you can add a list elemet with hyperlinks of something like that. 

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