Parameters in Ad-hoc Reports

Hi,  we upgraded from version 6.2 to 6.4 ;

In Jaspersoft Studio 6.4, when opening an Ad-hoc Report ( a crosstab with some input controls) generated with the Jasperreport server,  there is no more button 'create parameter' when expanding the crosstab in  the structure panel. In version 6.2 i used to create parameters referring to the input controls both in the report and crosstab panel, then passing them to the drill down report using  'report_execution'  hyperlink

They have to be hardcoded in the jrxml or there is another way to create them?

The goal is to pass parameters from an ad hoc report to a drill down report using  'report_execution'  hyperlink.




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1 Answer:

This is a regression defect and is targeted to be fixed in the upcoming major release of Studio. In 6.3, the "Create Parameter" is there in the menu option for Crosstab. but not in 6.4 

Workaround is to manually put it in the source code tab and then the parameter will appear in the structure pane :

    <reportElement ...>
    <crosstabParameter name="ParameterTest1">

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