Basic Auth not working, but Auth via Bearer Token


Hi together,

I'm working with REST API on a jasper which was not setup by me. It seems to be configured to work with authentication with bearer token, but not with basic auth.

I want to to do a get REQUEST ON:


Sending a header like "Authorization: Bearer ..." works perfectly fine.

Sending a header like "Authorization: Basic " . base64_encode("<user>:<pass>") ends in a 401 error.

I'm sure that user and pass are correct. I can login with these credentials into the web interface of the jasper server.

Trying to to it via browser:

=> Popup for Crendentials. When I enter the correct ones, the popup comes again. Authentication failed.


So it seems that basic authentication is disabled on the jasper server. How can I enable it again?

Thanks for tips, Bernd







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