Jasper 6.4.2 Migration problem with Domain Ad-hoc Views

We are migrating from 6.3 to 6.4.2 and we observed the following issue:

On all domain based views, new or existing the date fields ignore the format masks. In 6.3 we havd date fields formated in the domain designer as m/d/yy (ex: 12/7/17). On 6.4, even if the same formating is selected in the domain designer in the Ad-hoc views format is Mon d , yyyy (Dec 7,2017).  

The same issue was observed even on sample domains

Formatting masks are ignored even if default ad-hoc masks are changed in /WEB-INF/bundles/adhoc_masks.properties

Formatting mask appears in Domain XML exported from designer, but it is ignored.

Anyone ran across this issue and has a fix?



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