How to Remove Login Service from Jasper Server?


I'm using jasper report links direcly to show contents to my client. But its asking for Login whenever session expires. 

I've tried to pass parameter j_username&j_password with url and can go inside, but i dont want to do like this, i want to disable login permanently in my jasper server. Is there any other way provided in jasper server to disable jasper login service permanently.  

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Use SSO Pre Auth Login . You can't disable authentication / Authorization. Below Link will give you all the details

shreekrishna.shankhwar - 4 months 4 weeks ago

1 Answer:

For disabling login permanently is a Tomcat issue.

You must have to configure jasperserver context, inside tomcat, for avoid login removing permissions for its resources.

Is posible that jasperserver use spring system authority, in this case you must to remove or configure this framework inside the context.


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