Got a broken pdf file after compiling Jasper Report

Hi there,

I'm new to Jasper and I found I struggling when trying to generate a pdf report. The compilation process is okay but once after I've made several fine changes (I can't even recall any one of them), every report that is generated is broken and is displayed with only one blank page.

I tried to open the pdf file with Notepad++ and I found the following: 

ERROR - '' is not a valid lexical representation.

Which is an error message that I can't under stand. On the other hand, the system outputs the following message:

ComponentsEnv W net.sf.jasperreports.engine.component.ComponentsEnvironment findBundles Found two components fo namespace

I've looked through the Internet and none of them solve my problems. Can anyone explain what is happening in my code? Much appreciated for the help.

*Updates: Just located the problem, as @hozawa said there was a bug enclosed in the program source. Now the program works fine and the report is generated successfully.

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1 Answer:

You've added a bug in your code. Not much else I can say because you haven't attached any code.

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