AWS - EC2 Intallation for Jasperserver Community Edition

I am new to Jaspersoft and would like to install Jaspersoft community edition components on AWS EC2 instance. All of the tutorials I have found involve AMIs or Stack installations of the Commercial editions (hourly, BYOL, etc.). [I recently went through both the AMI and the Stack installations of BYOL versions on AWS and then realized it was license/fee-based]

Does anyone know of a good 'how to video' reference for installing the Community Edition (server, studio, library) on AWS?

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Follow-up question with WAR, I noticed that instructions discuss a license file. This is referencing a shared license that is not fee-based, correct?

(BTW, I had a browser issue and hope I did not mess up any points for the responses, sorry about that)

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3 Answers:

1) Create an AWS EC2 instance (linux flavour or windows). - AWS is free as in speech,not free as in beer. 

2) Follow the usual approach to install studio or server as per user guides. 

I hope it helps.!

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Just for you information, you probably just want to install JasperReports Server on AWS unless you're thinking about doing a remote desktop.

Recommend that you do a WAR installation. Sorry, can't find any video.

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Thank you for these suggestions! I will document the process for the community, once I unpack necessary steps.

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