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Hi All,

currently i have 5 adhoc  views /reports ( with same domain) . first report  will display by  Country  ( coutntry as parameters in report)

second report  by sate  , i mean user have state parametr he will select state as input .

third report  by city .

currently  these are individual reports and user can go which report he want . 

now  my requirement is , we would like to create dashboard  for user and merge all reports ( because  out put columns are same) , if  user select  country  from country paramter then we would like to display only by country report  or result with by country.

if user select state  then we have to display only sate report. 

make a short story   based on user selection i have run specific report.  how can i achieve  this one. we are using jasper 6.2.

please help me ,  thanks in advance for your time.

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