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I've created a report and now it's ready to be added to the webapp. My problem is, I didn't create the webapp and all I've got so far is the location of the previous report templates that also are generated through this application. What else do I need to know if I want my report to be generated? Should I find a JasperServer location? Is it even needed for it, because I couldn't find it in any directory? Where do I setup the configuration for it to be exported to .xls format? I've seen some information on the Internet that I need Apache ant and some database tables? Can anyone explain me how this works?

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If the reports are called from the web it is probably via a rest call to the report location.

So you will need to add your report to the same folder on the server. Usually via jasperadmin login on the jasper server.

If the web-app is set up correctly adding the report in the correct folder will add it to a list available in the web-app and you will not have to do anything else.

If not....(ouch)

You will need the web server url and port, the user with the permissions to the folder where the report is.

You will need to determine the output type in the rest call in the app.

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