Strange Behavior with Print When Expression - second page generated

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I created report where I have multiple tables and some footnotes which appears under certain conditions (value exist, country, eligibility). All values are passes as fields in Main query. Each object has position type set to Float and Remove line when Blank selected and it is working as intended. What I noticed is, for some people two pages are displayed. But after the page break all items move upwards (float parameter), but if anytihng moved to second page it is not moving upwards, but instead stays on top of next page. This results in instead of having one page printed I have 2 pages where on second page I have one sentence and clearly there is a space to put this one sentence on previous page, as it ends in a middle. If I move up the footnote which is spilled over to next page, it is displayed as a whole, but then a blank page is generated becasue other footnotes which are not to be displayed for given user, overflow to next page. I have evaluation time set to Now so it shouldn't work that way.

I have entire report body in Detail band 1 (565 px) and footnotes on Detail band 2 (290px), which in total does not exceed the A4 paper size. I do not have many line wraps as well so it all should fit in in one page. I tried setting up split type property but didn't suceed.

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