Table Object Data Starts from the 2nd page


I have two table objects which I have added to the detail band. 

Where the table object prints the string value but the value of the string is dynamic when the string value is more it starts printing from the 2nd page and the 1st page is blank.

Properties set :

Position Type: Float

Strech Type: Relative to the Tallest Object/ Relative to the Band Height ( Tried both )

Band Split Type: Strech

Print when Details Overflow.

Expected: Print from the 1st Page and continue to the next page even when the page height is small.

It's a PDF report so, I cannot enable Ignore pagination.

Please Find the Jrxml File here

Design Template

Output Now

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2 Answers:


This is a known issue with the Table Component.

I have also recently replied here on a similar issue:

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We have the same issue when the table detail cell moved to the 2nd page.

Actually, our table has only one cell, which contains another table. 

It causes a big cell height and the 'parent' details table cell moved to the 2nd page.

Are there any plans to fix this issue?

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