Conditional Formatting in CrossTab


We have implemented a CrossTab which represents data for all the days in a month, we need to apply conditional formatting to the cell values. 

If cell value is >= 99 then green background color 

if cell value is between 95 and 99 the amber

if cell value is < 95 then red color

Can anyone please help for same.

Below is sample 

    2017-10-01 2017-10-02
Group 1 Data 1 100 100
Data 2 98 100
Group 2 Data 1 89 88
Data 2 100 100
Data 3 95 100





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1 Answer:

It is possible to use conditional styles on a crosstab. By doing following:

  1. Create your crosstab
  2. Select the text field in the crosstab outline
  3. Apply a conditional style using the appearance settings of the textfield.

For the creation of the conditional style you can use the variables in the crosstab by selecting Crosstab in the left bottom side of the expression editor. After clicking on crosstab you should see the different variables used in the crosstab. A general reference to conditional styles can be found in the jaspersoft manual (a quick internetsearch did provide me with this link: ).

Hope this helps.

Kind regards.

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