Use Result Set(Object or Array) as a data source to Jasper Reports. I am using Jasper Server & PHP Jasper Client. Also tried from jquery & lavela/phpjasper library & phpjasper/phpjasper

I want to use jasper reports in my PHP application. I am running jasper Server Community & successfully published JDBC connected report to server but what I want to achieve is to create a sample report from dummy data from lets say .csv file which I am able to do from Jasper Studio & then published it to Jasper Server. But while running this report I don't want upload a csv file and use as data source. What I want to do is write my own query in PHP,mysql execute it and get a Result Set, then I want to use this Result Set as data source to my Jasper Report. How am I going to achieve this. I am not able to find methods related to this requirement. Please Help.

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