Audit Data: Determine which user created a report

I am trying to use the Audit Data Domain to figure out which user created reporting objects (domains, adhocs, reports).

I see in the "Events being audited and monitored" jasper documentation that there is a field "Create report in Adhoc Editor", with values of "Field added as a column" or "Field added as a group".

However, I cannot find a field in any of the audit domains called "Create report". I am using jasper 6.3. Is this field in this domain somewhere?


I do see a field [EventType] in the Audit Events table of the Audit Archive domain, and one of the values for this field is [saveResource]. Is a [saveResource] event indicate that the resource was created, or is [saveResource] event logged anytime the user saves the resource, for example, if they edit and then save the updated resource?

If EventType = saveResource is logged for creating or updating, what table and what field indicates that the resource was Created?



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