Dont expand frames in new page with subreport and more issues


Hi all,

I have a report where I have a header and a footer that will only be displayed once and inside this a subreport where it also has a header and a foot where they will be displayed with a different expression fields. Inside the subreport I have a detail that has many frames where each frame has a label and a textfield this textfiel is dynamic and expands automatically.

The problem I have is that when the subreport is generated I have 17 frames and only those that fit on the first page are shown and the rest do not appear. I have tried many combinations and none works. I expose the content

Master report: Page Width 595 Page Height 842 (header h = 136, detail1 h = 142, detail 2 h = 502, detail 3 contains subreport h = 100 and footer = 54h)

The subreport: Page Width 595 Page Height 842 (header h = 156, detail 1 h = 582, footer h = 44)

The detail frames are all of height 26 with Position type = float, Stretch type = relative to band, and checked the print repeat values ​​and remove lines when blank

The label and textfiel within each frame have the position type fix relative to top and stretch type to relative to tallest with print repeat values ​​and remove line when marked blanks and textfield stretch with overflow marked.

As it now shows the frames that fit on the page, and I create a new blank page with the header well but without the missing frames and the separation of the frames is correct.

1) If I change the height of the detail 1 of subreport, insert 15 lines more or less in white between each frame.

2) if I change the stretch type of the frames to relative to tallest, in the first page between the different frames I put a separation of 15 blank lines approximately, in the second page the labels appear correctly with a separation of frames correctly, but many of the first textfields do not appear.

It is a difficult situation to explain and difficult to find solutions in the forum so specific. I need help, I'm fighting this over 2 weeks.

Greetings and thanks

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