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I need to create a report with multiple sub-reports. Each sub-report has its own tables with their own dataset and each dataset needs a user-input parameter in order to run.

For now, I have all the sub-reports separately. They all run perfectly with the parameters, etc. 

How can I include those in the main report? The main report also has parameters and maybe one detail band will contain a table with parameters directly, instead of through a sub-report.

I want to use sub-reports because I can't put graphs next to a table data (it has to be put in title or summary), so I wanted to put the graph in a sub-report next to another sub-report containing the tables.

I have placed the sub-report elements in the main report and "copied parameters from the master report". What else should I do to make it work?

If someone can help me place graphs next to tables in the main report instead of via sub-reports, that would be helpful too!

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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1 Answer:

I have placed the sub-report elements in the main report and "copied parameters from the master report"

That's the way to do it, but what do you mean by "copied parameters from the master report" ?

Normally if you have a parameter in you sub report, when you run it separately from the main report, you are asked to input the value of that parameter by yourself. So when you place you sbreport on the main report, just click once on your subreport and in the properties, click on "Edit Parameters" and then add your parameter from the list and give the data to that paremeter by choosing the right field or variable.

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