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We are experiencing a strange problem trying to print barcodes from the Mac. Everything works fine on Windows, however, on the Mac:

  • Preview shows barcode fine
  • Saving PDF via jasper shows barcode fine and pdf prints correctly
  • Printing report excludes barcode
  • Saving PDF Mac Printer dialog excludes barcodes

This report also includes a second image directly from a field, which prints fine on the Mac. The barcode is generated via zxing and written to a ByteArrayOutputStream as a png. This is added to the report as an image object.

This issue has been reproduced across different printers and on the latest jasper library. There are no error message reported in he log. I've also tried generating the barcode slightly smaller than the bounding region to ensure it doesn't get clipped.

My Mac is currently running 10.12.6 with java 8.



Posted test case to SO:


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See StackOverflow link above for solution...

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