Timezone region not found issue in date conversions


Hi all,

My requirement is need to convert the input date values which is in yyyy-MM-dd (user input value) format to GMT and we have our own timezone table which stores all the timezones values. So we need to convert input value(yyyy-MM-dd) to GMT as we are storing the values in GMT only. I have tried with FROM_TZ, CAST functions but getting timezone region not found issue.
Can anyone please suggest the changes accordingly. This is the urgent requirement.

Here attaching the some sample code (this is user input value).
start_time >= to_date(to_char((from_tz(to_timestamp('2017-09-01', 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:MI:SS AM') , tz.offSet) at time zone 'GMT'),'MM/dd/yyyy HH:MI AM'),'MM/dd/yyyy HH:MI AM')


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