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I'm trying to generate a pdf from a .jasper file from a spring powered application. I've added to my classpath the same jar files I've added to jaspersoft studio ( [WS_DS_DIR]\JSS ) hopping it would allow to use this datasource but I receive the following error No query executer factory registered for the "WebServiceQuery" language.

At this point I found the executor in one of the embbeded jar in com.jaspersoft.studio.data.webservice.WebService_6.3.1.201706291619.jar which I also added to the classapth. I then proceeded to add the line

jasperReport.setProperty(QueryExecuterFactory.QUERY_EXECUTER_FACTORY_PREFIX+"WebServiceQuery", "com.jaspersoft.webservice.data.query.WebServiceQueryExecuterFactory");

in my code but the problem is still there. My IDE find the class so it is available through the class path.

What was my mistake? Should I have installed the libs for that plugin differently?

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