jasper server froze on, onclick event?

I have two reports, first is report contain chart and second report contain a data in "cherry-Landscape Format". when i click on apoint of chart secord report must upload. I pass all parameters properly. But when i click on any point jasper server froze on "Please wait " screen and second report never execute. Can any one lead me to problem and whats the solution.

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Sir there is no url problem. when i try to open that report seperately then also it is not open and jasper server froze.


anjanachoudhary2111 - 5 years 6 months ago

1 Answer:

When you hover over the link, a url of the link usually show on the web browser. Try directly entering the url in your web browser to see if it opens or not.

If it does open, the most likely reason for the new page not showing is your link setting. Also, be sure there is no non-ascii character in your link uri.

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