Visualize.js: API calls /getReportComponents.html for the first page only

I'm trying to render multipage report with HTML5 charts on the first and the second pages. ={
        loadingOverlay: false,
        container: this.container,
        server: this.server,
        resource: this.props.resource,
        params: //some my params
        events: {
          beforeRender: this.handleSuccess,
        pages: '1-3',
        success: console.warn,
        error: this.props.addNotificationError,

The chart on the first page is rendering, but the chart on the second page is blank.

I've found out that the API performs the only call to http://myserver/jasperserver-pro/getReportComponents.html with form data:

jasperPrintName:2c52ae0e-7927-4b50-a456-5b7e829a2e23 (or any other id)
pageIndex: 0

As the result, only the first chart configuration is retrieved. Could anybody tell the reason of the only call for components or suggest the way to simulate the calls for the other pages? Thanks.

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