How to filter my report based on date?


SELECT date as rdate,count( as reviewCount FROM `reviews` left join source on source.source_id = reviews.source_id left join processed_reviews on = left join category on processed_reviews.category = category.category_id where reviews.client_id =151 and reviews.is_processed > 0 and reviews.is_deleted=0 and reviews.is_competition=0  GROUP BY rdate ORDER BY date(date)



I have this query in my ireport designer. I want this report display only those rows which relay in a date range like form 01-03-2017 to 31-03-2017, not all data in report. How Can i apply this filter in this query or iReport. Can anyone lead me. 

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1 Answer:


hey Anjana, create two filters, say start date and end date...and while writing the query pass them in between condition.



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