How to pass all the values of a collection parameter one by one in query?

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Is it possibe to that? Where I have parameter p1 which is a colection of strings and I pass it like an array or a list like p1(0) , p1(1) . and so on? Are there any alternatives to that? 

I cannot use a where clause here, I think, because I am using JSON post as query, so I will pass all the values of the parameter. IF we can do that, how do I load that parameter? BY an input control? 

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@Shazia , 


Thanks for your answer. 

How do I encorporate the IN clause in a JSON query? 

vaibhav_jain_ - 4 years 10 months ago

1 Answer:

Use the below in your query where clause - 

$X{IN, DBField ,CollectionParameter}

I have been using this since long, works fine. 

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