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I am using Jasperreports-6.4.1. My goal is to integrate JasperReports into my java application and stand alone from any type of server. I am outputting the data to an XML datadource which I then generate a PDF from the data. I have successfully created my report they way I want it in java. All of my string based data exports to the XML, fills the report, and generates a pdf with all of the data I feed it. With one exception.....

When after running the report, I open the pdf and the images that I import are missing. Here's the kicker... If I open up jasperstudio and click preview out pops the same report WITH the images. I have to encoded the image to a Base64 string and embed it in the XML. Anyone come across this before?

I'm not sure what other details may be needed, but I'm happy to provide what I can to resolve this matter.


Not sure if this helps, but I have yet to resolve these warnings

Warning: Could not get charToByteConverterClass!
Aug 24, 2017 2:03:35 PM net.sf.jasperreports.engine.export.PdfGlyphRenderer determinePatchedItext
WARNING: Unpatched iText found, cannot use glyph rendering

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