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Is there any logging that can be enabled that would clearly indicate which jasper server (in a redundant configuration) executed a scheduled report?

From the docs, I gather that scheduled jobs will be picked up by any server (and locked so other servers don't execute the report). We would like to know if there's a way to indicate somehow which server executed the report. I have thought of two possibilities:

- Enable SQL Executor logs on both servers and watch them to see which one has activity when the scheduled report is run. This works, but is quite verbose and quickly gets confusing when multiple reports are being run

- Enable email notifications on both servers. Configure each server with a different email address, and configure report notifications to be sent when a report is run. The user could look at the 'from' address to determine which server ran the report.

What I'd like is to have a simple log message showing that a server has picked up a scheduled job. Something like: 'Executing scheduled report <reportName>'

Does this capability exist?



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