How to read entries into jaspersoft studio and display it by Using Scriptlets


I'm trying this using Scriptlet in Jasper soft studio  . But I can't get this one . 


ID     NAME     CITY

 1      Krish        [Hyd,Pune]

 2       Arha       [Delhi,Hyd,Viz] 

We want to read above entries into jasper and I  want to dispaly as follows by using Scriptlet .

ID     NAME     CITY

 1      Krish       Hyd

 1      Krish       Pune

 2      Arha        Delhi

 2      Arha        Hyd

 2      Arha        Viz


I don't know how to read " City " values as an array separeted by comma(,)  by Scriptlet into Jasper soft Studio .

Hope anyone can help me with this  and give me reply as soon as possible . 


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