Jasper Table not display colum border when data overflow to next page.


I have a problem for jasper table.

When some of my column in the table have too long data overflow to the next page, the other column isn't display its column border as the attached file.

Page 1:                                                                                                                 Page 2:


I noticed that this problem appears only when I add a table group. 

I need display the missing border in next page.


I need repeating the textfield1,textfield2 and textfield3 data in next page(page 2) 


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Hi mathanmca2013,

Have you found any solution to this. Because i am also facing same problem and not found any solution.

If there is any workaround for this then please help.

And i also request to all jaspersoft members, please look in to this and provide solution for this as it is very critical and urgent.



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I am also looking for the solution. Could someone from Jaspersoft help us on how to fix this or should we consider it as an open bug ? 

Thank you, Sadakar Pochampalli 

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