How to use more than two different object and show into IReport

Hello everyone,

I want to use more than two different object and show data into iReport. then is it possible to use more than two object or obect with showing relationship on data.

Please tell me how to write json query to relationship or filtering more then two object.

I want to show report which field belong to more than 2 table. didn't find any query to showing that type of data.

Please help me.

Note :- we use Json Database like pouchdb - couchdb. and json data print on Ireport through jasper server.



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1 Answer:

You will need to use specific data adapters for each dataset and sub-datasets.

In Jaspersoft Studio you will define the Default Data Adapter property and in JasperReports Server this will need to be setup as described in this article .

Note that the article talks about an XML data source but it would be the same for JSON data sources or any other data sources.

To build your JSON query I would recommend this article 

I attach a sample that can be imported in your JRS

I hope this helps

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