Data source connection issue, user not able to connect to data source.

Scenario: We create a datasource with SQL Server 2012 and user in Jasper. For first few days this combinations works nice, after few days this connection goes into loop.
I have few suspects 
1. Jasper Server version upgrade
2.Active Directory synching(Issue occurs when active directory synchs).
3.LInux Kernal upgrade
 Please help me to trace this issue.

Dev: Windows 7 , Jasper Server 6.3, Data Source SQL Server 2012.

Test: RHEL 6 , Jasper Server 6.3, Data Source SQL Server 2012.
Production: RHEL 6, Jasper Server 6.1, Data Source SQL Server 2012.


In Dev we are able to connect to datasource consistently
In Test we are able to connect to datasource cosistently.
In Production it will connect to Data Source for first few days, later when we try to connect with the same user it will go into loop and it neither gives nor connects.
Please help me ASAP.

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2 Answers:

Probably may be connections exhausted for server bd.

Check out the logs for exceptions.


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If it's alright in Dev and Test, the chance of it being the JasperReports Server version seems high. I mean, why are using using 6.3 in dev and test when the production is using 6.1?

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