How to Run a .jrxml file in JasperReports Server

Hi team,

I use to genrate reports using iReport 5.6.0, I use to generate reports by selecting required .jrxml file --> preview --> pass the necessary fields and we will have the report genrated.

How would I do the above mentioned steps in JasperReports Server? I have imported the .jrmxml file under Reports section in JasperReport Server repository. I dont know how to execute the report.

My purpose is I want to automate and schedule the reports that I generate using iReport 5.6.0. Is it feasible? if so could someone please share some documents i need to follow.

Thanks in Advance.

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1 Answer:

Just click on the report file in server. Your USER must have the right 'execute' on this report.

See : to correctly import report.

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