add multiple Static row goup with sum of that value in group band


How to create Total sum after the row group band in jasper Crosstab Report 

Example 1:

  In this Example is showed the exact creation of row groups

  • each row group is getting splited inside the another row group..  that means the total sum of the perticular row group.  that i metion in number 

  • each number have seperate row group in this crosstab

Example 2:

my actual data which am getting 

  1. group is my first row group.. under the group total in need the sum of  UNIT, QTY, AVG RATE,VALUE row group   and  another one is  column group of Month

  2. my question is.. can i get a total for all row group with the Column Group of month Total also under the Group 1 which marked in Red Note For Each group  Code

help me to solve this 


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