hello every one

i'm beginner with odoo V10 and jaspersoft studio

so here is the problem

i'm tring to integrate jasper studio with odoo .

i already installed the module jasper report in odoo ( i have downloaded the module from this link :  https://github.com/JayVora-SerpentCS/Jasperreports_odoo


l've created the template in jasper studio using an XML file as a data source ( i created the XML file in odoo following the steps described in this  tutorial : http://www.serpentcs.com/web/content/1980 )

then i created the print button

but every time i try to print the report i get this message :

 libraries Not Found !

There is No libraries found in Java: None


even when i change the data source i get the message

 So can anyone help to solve this problem ? :'(

if there is another way to do the integration please describe it in the comments also anyone who has an idea how to do it using jasper server ?

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I'm in the same situation. did you find any solutions?



m.arystot - 1 year 3 months ago

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