how to change data source for input controls automatically


Dear Jasper Master,

                            This is Rajasekhar, I have imported jasper reports and charts from one server to another , now i changed the data source for all reports and working fine, but i need to change the data source for all input controls which are working based on query .

is there any option or alternative  if i changed the data source for report it should automatically change the input controls (which are working based on query)


please help me if possible , I need to move several servers like this ,and change DS to no of reports manualy





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The input control and the report can have different data sources. If your input controls are internally defined you'll need to go through all the reports and change them manually. To avoid that in future it's a good practice to use external input controls and use profile attributes in the data source values so you can have exactly the same structure in the repository but have an option to define the data source connection details through the server or organizational or user level profile attributes. You can read more about that in JRS Admin Guide.

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