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I'm trying to update a job definition, more precisaly on the mail notification, api don't report any errors, but the parameters aren't updated.

Here is the payload that I'm using, the node of json mailNotification, nothing is updated, but in the alert, some fields are updated:

    "description": "This description updated in bulk",
    "mailNotification": {
        "toAddresses": {
            "address": [
        "ccAddresses": {
            "address": ["user2@gmail.com"]
        "subject": "Test, Test",
        "messageText": "Test"
    "alert": {
        "toAddresses": {
            "address": [
        "messageText": "Log de Status: Sucess",
        "messageTextWhenJobFails": "Log de Status: Failed",
        "includingStackTraceWhenJobFails": true,
        "skipNotificationWhenJobFails": true,
        "subject": "Test Test"

There are some mistake in this payload? Or this is a bug in the api /jasperserver/rest_v2/jobs?id=253?

Thank you


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