Error installing jasper reports server 6.3 on AWS with ubuntu 14.04


I'm trying to install jaser reports server on an AWS with ubuntu 14.04 , and I get the following error 

Warning: Problem running post-install step. Installation may not complete
 Error running /opt/jasperserver/apache-ant/bin/ant import-minimal-pro: BUILD FAILED/opt/jasperserver/buildomatic/bin/import-export.xml:321:
The following erroroccurred while executing this line:/opt/jasperserver/buildomatic/bin/import-export.xml:203: Java returned: 255
Total time: 10 secondsPress [Enter] to continue:
after that I can't run the server
the segments of import-export.xml which the meesage above mentions are
<java classname="${class}" fork="true" failonerror="false" inputstring="">
<arg value="--@{type}"/>
<arg value="${archiveArg}"/>
<jvmarg value="-Doracle.jdbc.defaultNChar=true"/>
<jvmarg value="-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8"/>
<jvmarg value="-Dnet.sf.ehcache.disabled=true"/>
<jvmarg value=""/>
<jvmarg value="-Xms512m"/>
<jvmarg value="-Xmx2048m"/>
<jvmarg value="-XX:PermSize=64m"/>
<jvmarg value="-XX:MaxPermSize=128m"/>
<jvmarg value="-Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=9009"/>-->
<pathelement location="${importExportConfig}"/>
<fileset dir="${importExportLibDir}" includes="*.jar"/>
<fileset dir="${currentDbJDBCDir}" includes="${jdbcJar}"/>
<pathelement location="${currentConf}"/>
and the next one (line 321)
<target name="import-minimal-pro"
description="do import of minimal resources">
<run-import-export type="import" archive="${exportDir}/js-catalog-${dbType}" edition="pro" checkDBMSConnection="true"/>

any help is highly appreciated

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1 Answer:

What Repo DB are you using? IS the file setting the right DB, driver and connection information?

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