What is the difference between JRPdfExporter in jasper report v.3.5.3 and v6.3.1 library

I have an old report template with the jasper report 3.5.3 library. I need to upgrade library from v3.5.3 to v6.3.1. My problems arise when I export the old template to pdf format.
**+With v3.5.3 library:**
**+With v6.3.1 library:**
I have used the same template report. Why are the differences here?
The time for exporting with 20K resource records:
+With v3.5.3 library: 6207 milliseconds
+With v6.3.1 library: 9991 milliseconds
The code is used to export the report to pdf format.
JasperExportManager.exportReportToPdfFile(filedReport, outputFileName);
I don't know why the function exportReportToPdfFile in the 6.3.1 library run longer than in the 3.5.3 library.
**+With v3.5.3 library:** about 335 milliseconds
**+With v6.3.1 library:** greater than 4000 milliseconds.
Could you please help me to improve the performance or suggest a method deal with it?
I think the new library work many things than the old library as described above (the pictures).
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Please help me ! please!

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Check which report virtualizer is being used in each library that may have changed over releases. A jump from 3.5 to 6.3 a lot of years have gone by :)


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