Parameter Passing in Report Book

I have been passing header information, Company name, address etc into the report using Parameters, and passing the detail in using fields.

Now I want to create a Report Book.  So how does parameter passing work in a Report Book.  I took a quick look at the documentation but do not see it.

If I define a parameter 'company' to the Report Book, will all report in the Report Book see the parameter?


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1 Answer:

Hi Bob,

Don't know if you have found the resolution to your issue but as of two days agao i was struggling with the same issue and with lot of trial and error I found the solution.

So just defing the parameter in the new report page is not enough in case of the "Report Book" format.

Once you have created the new report page and added the parameter in it.

And make sure you uncheck "Is For Prompting" in the properties window for the said Parameters

Go to you main Report in the "Report Book", and on the desired section right click "Add new book part" and follow my snapshot for further steps.




And now you have the parameter value from the main page to your sub page and you can pass these parameters to any other dataset or chart plots as needed.


Hope this helps you or anyone who comes after me with passing report book parameter requirement.



Amit Singh

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