JasperReports Server log files and reading from a parameter/properties file on server


I've couple questions regarding jasper reports server.

1 -I have community version of Jasper Reports Server and I have explored almost all areas but I can't find a way to view server log files from the front-end UI. Is there any option to view log files from the Jasper Reports Server UI?

2- I've multiple instances of the server on different ports. For example port 8080, 8081, 8082. I've three different texts that I would like to be shown on my reports based upon the server. For example if port = 8080 then show text1, if port=8081 show text2, and if port=8082 then show text3. Is there any place/property where I can specify either a port number or server name or something unique to that server and where jrxmls can read from and then display the texts conditionally?


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1 Answer:


1.- NO, yo have two options:

  - Install psi-probe and you can see all the logs.

 - Make a context for tomcat's logs folder to see as virtual folder: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7068046/how-can-i-list-all-the-files...

2.- Perhaps some parameter gives this information, if not, you can write a scriptlet to retrieve all information of tomcat server.


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