Getting multiple pdf report into single


 I am having a report  with one Parameter that  generates a report with details of that parameter and exports it to PDF Format.

But, What i want with multiple parameters i need to generate reports with particular details of  respective paramater  and expoort it to single pdf file.

Can anyone help me with this please?


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1 Answer:


This can be done with subreports; where each report you want to include is treated as a subreport within a master/parent report. You can even exclude certain regions from rendering output if you have headers/footers/etc in each of your reports you want to include, and when including in a master you only want to keep the detail/body regions of each report. You can also include any number of parameters in your parent report to pass to the subreports you want to include; and to keep those subreports viable as independent reports, you can simply default those parameters to benign values that only have an effect when included within a master report.

This can also be done programmatically via java and the JasperReports library, but I don't think it's necessary for this instance. 

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