Large report generation with Jasper using Virtualizer takes too much time

We are using Japser to generate reports  in our application

We have upgraded from 5.0.1 to 6.4 to achive better performance but this is what we are seeing after few test runs.

Jasper version : 6.4

JDK 1.7

Server : tomcat 7 , 3GB RAM

Number of records : 850k

Below is the memory consumption and CPU utilization when generating the report 
Looking for suggestions on how to reduce report generation time with lower memory consumption.
We are using JRSwapFileVirtualizer. When virtualizer was not used, then time taken to generate report was better but we could not generate large reports.
Should we use another virtualizer like Gzip virtualizer or tweak parameters for  File Virtualizer like 
maxSize, blockSize and minGrowCount parameters.


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1 Answer:

I think Jaspersoft took back on 6.4.0 because it's no longer available at sourceforge. It may be that there were some problem with it. Try using 6.3.1.

Also, JasperReports 6.x is better with Oracle JDK 8 - try upgrading your jdk.

Are you running JasperReports on Tomcat? If so, that's the problem. Try running from the command line.

Anyways, 3GB for a web app is too small - I've found that JasperReports works better with at least 8GB memory.

You also didn't mention your datasource. Try using csv and don't use something like SpringFramework because it drains memory.

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