Can I use the same ID for two different input controls?


I have an input control which uses an ID called SITES and is a MULTI-SELECT QUERY for one of my reports.    I need to create another input control for an ID called SITES which is a SINGLE SELECT QUERY.

Jasper report uses $X{IN,fileda,SITES) allows multi select. The other report is 'WHERE $P{SITES}= fieldb' which allows for single select.

Question: Can i use the same ID  (SITES) in two different input controls?    Beacuse when i try to create my single select query input control i get an error that 'the resource with the same id already exists'.

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2 Answers:


No, unfortunately you cannot use the same name for two different input controls.

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You can create two input controls but they should be in different location.......... in different folders or different report folder 

But you can use only one in one report. if you want to use both then change one of the ids

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