Error setting maximum height to a report

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I have a report where in the the report will be consisting of 32 different html5 line charts so it would require almost 450cm space so that none of the chart details missed. Do i have an option of increasing height of the report to 450cm??


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Open report in Studio,right click in the reports pane, -> Page format - > change units from pixels to cm. and then put 450 cm as height.

But do u really need a report of 450 cm ? i.e. 4.5 metres in length. Why dont u break the line charts into different pages. or put each chart as a sub-report.

arpit016 - 5 years 1 month ago

i tried changing the height in the right bottom pane by selecting the page already but it doesnt allow me to keep the length as such mate.. :(

avinash.eng18 - 5 years 1 month ago

1 Answer:

You could let the page height unchanged, place each chart on a different page, and set the Ignore Pagination report flag to true. This will generate a single page document at runtime.

But you also have to take into account that some document viewers cannot display pages of 450 cm height.

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