First toke-based login often redirects to login screen with subsequent attempts successful

I'm experiencing a strange issue when using token-based login with JasperServer. Most of the time (not with any guaranteed consistency) a user passing to JasperServer using an encrypted token results in being redirect to the login page ONLY on the first attempt within the same browser session. Subsequent attempts to pass through (using the same or different token) within the same browser session pass through flawlessly. This has been tested in Chrome's Incognito mode. We've verified the issue is browser agnostic. 

We generate an encrypted token from our application and pass it as the parameter `token` in the URL. We've implemented the correct beans and configurations within applicationContext-externalAuth-preAuth.xml. The token is successfully decrypted and roles are applied and mapped correctly within JasperServer. We know token can successfully authenticate an external user to JasperServer because subsequent attempts (with the same or different token) work flawlessly, we see an external user created, and the roles map as expected.

Any thoughts?

I can provide specifics on configuration.

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