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I'm facing an issue when exporting a report to PDF. In one column I have a long URL, so I've tick the "Strech with overflow" option in the text field to get the text streched and to show (visually) correctly all the URL, but when I click the URL in the exported PDF I just have a link with the first line, ex:

The original URL is


What I see in the field:





When I click the URL in the pdf: instead of the complete URL.

If I copy the URL from the text field in the PDF I have a break line: " /images"


Any way of avoiding the break lines in text fields when exporting the report to PDF?


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This is strange. I am able to re-produce it.  Did any of PDF properties of Text field helped ? I'm investigating about it. 

sadakar - 3 years 4 months ago

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