Link details(ToolTip) are not refreshing in jasper bar charts


This bar chart has been generated using jasper and visualize js.

I need to drilldown another reports on click of any bar.

For a time being, I am displaying the alert box with clicked event value(eg. ALF02,RC01).

Issue : I am getting the same value whatever I have clicked very first after loading of bar chart from the jasper.



function(v) {

// render report from provided resource

var reportObj ={

resource : reportResource,

container : "#" + containerId,

params : reportParams,

success : onSuccess,

error : handleError,

linkOptions : {

events : {

"click" : function(ev, link) { // Line No 13 






Line no 13 : Link object has same values(href and label) irrespective of bar selection.

It is working very fine for the very first time and post refresh of whole reports.

Scenario :

Step 1 : Loading reports from the jasper.

Step 2 : On click of ALF02, Alert box showing value as ALF02.

Step 3 : On click of RC01, Alert box is showing as ALF02 instead of RC01.

What I am suspecting ?


ToolTip should not shown up when I move mouse out of the complete panel/bar .

ToolTip which shown up when I had clicked very first is not hiding and every click event showing up same value which I had selected first.

It seems to be the issue with reseting selected value.

Is there any way to refresh the bar chart without making request to jasper or reset the selected value to none ?


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